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Rediscover Christ


Join us for an incredible weekend away from our busy and sometimes chaotic lives to rediscover a relationship with God. Take the journey with other teens who are searching for happiness and purpose. The Life in the Spirit Retreat (LSR) is a weekend long retreat for middle school and high school youth.

Note to Parents:


Join us for a short orientation session when you drop off your child to the retreat. We will talk about the retreat and answer any questions you may have.



Come and celebrate the Mass with us on the Sunday during the retreat. After mass we will have a short talk about the family. We will also have a potluck lunch after so please bring your favorite dish.


Register your child for the retreat on our website. After registration, please print out, complete, and return the consent and release form at the retreat. Registration is on a first-come, first serve basis. Space is limited.

We are grateful to our volunteers who make the retreat possible. Because of them we are able to keep the costs of the retreat low. Even then, we will work with you if you have difficulty with covering the registration fee of the retreat, so do not hesitate to contact us.


For more information, including contact information for our coordinators, visit the Youth Page.

A Typical Weekend:



Food brings people together, whether it is a quick bite at a café or a hearty meal with family and friends at a table, we are sure to provide.



Taking time to enjoy each other's company is important. We will have time to relax, play games, and have fun.



Music brings people together and it expresses so much. Whether you are the next pop idol or just sing in the shower, we sing our praises to God. Singing is twice praying after all.



We dive into the big issues about faith and try to grasp the basics of Christianity, the talks are usually given live with people sharing the teachings of Christianity as well their own personal experience of living the Christian life.




After the talks we break into small groups and let people share their thoughts and ideas about the topic. There is no obligation to say anything and there is nothing that you cannot say. This time is a opportunity to share your own perspective in an honest, friendly, and open environment.

Renew yourself
Renew your family
Renew the Church
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