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  1. ​Click the button "NPG Registration Form" or "T-Shirt Order Form."

  2. Fill out the required information. Email, Phone Number, and Address are mandatory information.

  3. They will be printing IDs for this year’s NPG. As such, we ask that the forms are filled-up on a per family or individual basis. For family registrations, please make sure you indicate names of youth and young adults.

  4. Save the "NPG Registration" or "T-Shirt order" form to your computer.

  5. Email the “NPG Registration” or "T-Shirt Order" form you filled out to the NorCal Area NPG Coordinator/s.

  6. When emailing, put in the subject line of the email “NPG Registration” or "NPG T-Shirt Order".

  7. When making a T-Shirt payment or Registration, the preferred method is via Zelle. Please ensure to put a remark that it's for "NPG Registration" or "NPG T-Shirt Order Payment". The NorCal FCJC Zelle is "fcjcnorcalcouncil@gmail.com" or please write a check payable to "FCJC" and submit the check to your Household servant leader or send to the NorCal NPG Coordinator/s.

NorCal NPG Coordinator:

     Rolly Dela Cruz (rollybecky01@comcast.net)

     Phone: 707-430-7067

     Mark Marzan (marzan637@gmail.com)

     Phone: 916-949-2891

  • If you are inviting others, please send them the registration form and follow the instructions above or direct them to our website www.fcjcnorcal.org/events.